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How a modern Czech artist in 1972 reads the Old Testament story of Joseph

Only available for purchase through this website.

This edition contains two books.

The book with the drawings that got the form of the original notebooks Ivan Urbánek used to draw in. The buyer will feel like handling the original. No selection was made of the drawings: all drawings found are published in this book. The format of the book is 1 to 1:190/225 mm. It has 250 pages and contains 123 drawings.
This book is a hardcover.

The textbook contains an introduction by Bert Kisjes and the story of Joseph as written in Genesis. The first Bible book Dutch and Czech. The format of the textbook is 140/180 mm and has 50 pages. This book is not a hardcover.

Publishers are Zwart op Wit (Wijk aan Zee NL) in co-production with EMAN (Benesov CZ).